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Specializing in Concrete Flatwork Including Driveways • Foundations • Patios • Sidewalks and More

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We specialize in driveways, foundations, patios, walkways, stairways, and more in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Los Angeles concrete contractors laying sidewalk.

LA Concrete Finishers is a leading concrete contractor in Los Angeles, always delivering outstanding residential and commercial clients. Many concrete companies can provide high-quality concrete work, but at LA Concrete Finishers, our goal is to make your concrete a pleasant experience. Not only do we deliver the highest quality, but our processes, management, and expertise make completion of your project go smoothly.

We stand out from other concrete contractors by providing our clients with superior service. To accomplish this, we continually educate ourselves on the latest in best practices for the concrete and paving industry. This approach ensures that we come up with the most efficient solutions for even the most challenging jobs.

Whether it’s a new pour or concrete sealing, we always strive to streamline our business process to give our clients upfront pricing and on-time delivery of projects. This streamlined system also helps up stay within the budget that we’ve agreed on, minimizing any risk of unexpected costs.

With LA Concrete Finishers, expect excellence in every aspect of our concrete services. Whatever your property’s concrete paving needs may be, you can rest easy when you choose us for concrete flatwork.

For years, we have been refining our processes, our product, our delivery, and our customer service skills. We are proud of the reputation we have within the community and within the industry as one of the leading concrete contractors in the Los Angeles area.

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